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When we think about Indian food, it is the wholesome flavours and the taste bud tickling aromas that we first recall. Whether it is vegetarian food or non-vegetarian food, the process of delicately spicing it at different stages for an exquisite outcome is common practice here. Indian cooking is complex and the finished dish is packed full of flavours from aromatic spices and seeds. Fennel, Mustard, Flax, Fenugreek, Tulsi and sesame are some of the commonly used flavouring agents which add aroma and health to our food.

Fennel seeds have a rich fragrance that can change the nature of the dish being cooked when used right and also have medicinal properties. Also known as “saunf”, its flavour and aroma can range from pungent to mild depending on the needs of the dish being cooked. It
can even be consumed raw or roasted as a mouth freshener.

Flax seeds can add a satisfying crunch to your meal while being packed full of nutrients at the same time. Fenugreek seeds are only used in small quantities but they are big on flavour and health benefits. For example, the unique flavour and aroma of the world-famous “Dosa” comes from the spoonful of fenugreek seeds added while grinding the batter!

Mustard seeds are an essential ingredient in most dishes and they are used to add flavour and aroma in the “tadka” process where a few mustard seeds are splattered in hot oil and poured over the dish as seasoning. Powdered mustard seeds are used in the famous South Indian “avakaaya” mango pickle as well.

Sesame seeds have a rich nutty flavour and are a very rich source of calcium. Balls made of sesame seeds roasted and mixed with jaggery (cane sugar) are an important part of festival celebrations in most parts of India.

Tulsi seeds or Basil seeds come with a host of health benefits and adds a delicate sweet flavour and rich aroma to savoury dishes. When t comes to Indian cooking and the flavours and aromas of the seeds used, it can safely be said that these are the heart and soul of the dish!